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Cie Gumucio

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Selected Exhibits

Marin Museum of Contemporary Art   May/June 2016

Altered Book Exhibit


CA 101 Redondo Beach, CA  August 2015

*Received the Public Arts Commission Choice Award

Solo Exhibit

Writers in Search of the Sacred

Michael Stearns Studio 347 San Pedro, CA

May/June 2015

Downtown LA Art Walk “Venus Triumphant” March 2015

Torrance Art Museum, South Bay Focus Nov-Dec. 2014

South Bay Contemporary (Zask Gallery), Palos Verdes, CA   August - October 2014

CA 101 Redondo Beach, CA  June 2014

R. Blitzer Gallery, Santa Cruz, CA  June 2014

Live Art, Frame and Art Dept. Hermosa, CA April-May 2014

Lexus, In Motion, Torrance, CA Dec. - Jan-April 2014

Love and Other Considerations, Studio 347  San Pedro, CA Feb-March 2014

Bridging Dreams, South Bay Contemporary  Palos Verdes, CA Jan-Feb 2014

Array, Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, CA Dec. 2013- Jan 2014

South Bay Focus, Torrance Art Museum, CA  Nov-Dec 2013

Connections, Redondo Beach, CA October 2013

CA101, Redondo Beach, CA  June, 2013

The Loft, San Pedro, CA  April- May, 2013

Cannery Row Studios, Redondo Beach, CA,  October, 2012

608 North Gallery, Redondo Beach,  CA  October, 2012


Noyo River Review, Mendocino Writer’s Conference

Mixed media art like visual poetry reveals itself gradually...where free flowing metaphor and implied narrative take on new found meaning.

I am fascinated with images that when brought together in surprising juxtaposition, often show a hidden doorway to the subconscious, sometimes whimsical, at times profound, ultimately reflecting a greater interior truth.

I believe in following one’s intuitive gestures while creating and trusting in a quiet, inner- knowing to one’s own art-making.

Art, at its best

reminds us that we are human.